Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our business, operating under the title “NANA TRANDOU PC”, is based in Eptanisou 3str., Athens, GR-112 57, Tax Registration Number 801 130 617, DOY D’ Athens provides second hand clothing, shoes and accessories in excellent condition.

Before you proceed with any transaction with us through the present website (www.thememorycorner.com) please make sure that you agree with the following terms and conditions which cover all our transactions; each and every transaction with us implies full acceptance, on your part, of these terms and conditions.

The present terms and conditions comply fully with the European and the Greek legal framework currently in force, our business reserving the right to amend unilaterally or to update the terms and conditions of our online transactions. Our business undertakes to notify the users for any amendment or other change through the website of the present electronic shop. Amendments do not cover the orders which have already been placed.

Our business guarantees the completeness and the validity of the contents of our e-shop, with regard to the substantive characteristics of each offered product, with the reservation of any accidental technical or typographical errors which have escaped our attention or have come about unwillingly or due to interruptions of our service by reasons beyond our control.

Our business and the e-shop bear no responsibility for any technical problems which may be faced by users when they try to access our website, and for as long as they remain there, and which relate to their own operation or to the compatibility of their own systems with the usage of our website. Furthermore, our business accepts no responsibility for the acts or omissions of third parties, especially for the interference of third parties with our products and/or with the information provided in the website.

The users of our website are hereby forbidden to transmit by any means any content which is illegal, unfair, spiteful, interfering with the private life of any other person, or which is discriminatory on any ground such as sex, race and nationality, or which infringes any patent, trademark, commercial secret, intellectual property or other property rights of third parties, or which contains software viruses or any other codes, files or programs that have been created with a view to interrupting, causing harm, destroying or impeding the operation of any software or computer hardware and which, willingly or not, breaches the relevant Greek and EU law currently in force and which is capable of harassing third parties in any way and/or is being used for the collection or storage of the personal data of the users.

For the completion of any transaction through our e-shop (www.thememorycorner.com) and for ordering the products of our business you will be asked to share with us some personal information. When you are placing an order, you will be asked to provide your full name and surname, the address where you desire our products to be shipped, your phone number and your email.

This data will be handled by our business in full compliance with Article 7A, par. 1(b) of Law 2472/1997 with a view to carrying out the order you placed and shall not be revealed, publicized or sold to third parties in any way, unless the procedure provided by law for the removal of confidentiality is followed (Law 2225/1994) or obligations arise which derive from the implementation of Directive 24/2006.

Our business does not keep any of the personal card details provided during the transaction.


Each product is specific and unique, just as it is pictured and described, and is not available in another size or color. Our business makes sure that you will be notified directly and in time as to the availability of our products. However, due to the fact that in parallel with this e-shop we also operate our store, there is a chance that you may order a product which has already been sold in our store before we get the chance to update our e-shop as to the unavailability of the said product. In this case, you will receive an email notification of such unavailability within two (2) working days after your order. In case you have already paid for the product, we will provide a refund within five (5) working days after your order.

Our business does not provide any kind of guarantee as to the availability of the products which appear on our website, but it does guarantee that you will be notified of any such unavailability within the aforementioned deadlines. The transaction will only be deemed completed after receipt of a written electronic confirmation.

The completion of an order through an electronic shop constitutes a contract for distance selling which is regulated by the legal framework set by Law 2252/1994, as amended.

In order to place a valid order through our e-shop you must have the capacity to perform legal acts within the terms of the Greek Civil Code (that is, you must be at least 18 years old and you must not be subjected to judicial interdiction as to your capacity to enter into a sales contract).

The procedure towards the completion of an order through our e-shop begins by filling in the special form with the necessary details for the conclusion of the sales contract.

Through our website you will be informed by our business about the completion of the order and the substantive characteristics of the product, its price, its quantity (which cannot be more than one, given that each of our pieces is unique), the shipping costs, the manner of payment and delivery.

After submitting the order form you, you will receive in your email a copy of your order.

• Payment upon delivery (only valid for orders which are to be delivered in Greece) with 3,00euros surcharge


In case you choose cash on delivery as the form of payment, we will send you your order right away. Please note that we can delay the delivery for a maximum period of 5-7 working days, counted from the day we have received your order. If you want to receive your order at a later time, you need to select another form of payment which secures the prepayment of your order. Otherwise we reserve the right to cancel the order without further notice.

• Paypal

• Payment per Credit or Debit card on the safe platform provided by EUROBANK

The price stipulated under each product is final.

Our website (www.thememorycorner.com) reserves the right to readjust its prices without informing its customers. Such a readjustment will not concern the orders which have already been placed.

Orders which are to be delivered outside of Greece (either within or outside the EU) could be subjected to additional charges due to differences in exchange rates, customs clearance etc. the cost of which our customers undertake to cover, our business bearing no responsibility.

Upon completion of your order, you will receive a confirmatory e-mail containing all the information regarding your order.

We reserve the right to cancel your order if one of the following occurs:

• Your payment is not authorized.
• There is no delivery service available in your location.
• You don’t agree to the Terms & Conditions of our site.
• One or more of the ordered items was listed at an incorrect price due to a typographical error.
• If you wish to cancel your order, please inform us via e-mail or phone within 1 hour from the completion of your order. You will be notified on when you will be reimbursed if you have already made the payment.

Order cancellation is not possible upon shipment of your order.


9.1. Greece

The delivery cost comes to an amount on all orders within the country that will be estimated upon checkout.

Kindly note that delivery dates can vary, especially during Holidays or unprecedented conditions.
However, you will receive a tracking number upon shipment of your order so that you can track it easily.

Delivery is also free on orders over 200,00 €.

9.2. International Deliveries

For international deliveries, delivery fee will be estimated upon check out. Delivery periods vary according to the destination.

Calculation of transportation costs will occur in your basket after you have typed the area and the address where you wish the product(s) to be shipped.

If a consumer wishes a product to be shipped in a country which is not included in the above list, he/she may contact us at [email protected], we will send him/her an email with the shipping rates and -if the consumer agrees- we will proceed with the order which will be agreed upon via electronic communication between the consumer and our business.

In case of delay in one of our deliveries for reasons which concern the regular procedures of the customs authorities of a country or for any other reason which does not concern our business, our business bears no responsibility.

Even though the description of our products is detailed and you can form a full picture of the product, you may, upon delivery, realize that it does not correspond to what you desired or that the size is wrong. In such cases, www.thememorycorner.com allows you to return the product within fourteen (14) days after delivery, while our business will return your money to you within fourteen (14) days after we have received back the said product. Refunds of money which have been transferred to us through Paypal or Credit/Debit Card will also take place through Paypal or Credit/Debit Card, while money paid upon delivery of the goods will be deposited to the bank account the consumer has given to our business.

You have the right to withdraw from our sales contract, with no need to provide a cause, within fourteen (14) days after the delivery of the product and in that case we will return your money to you within fourteen (14) days after our business has received back the said product.

If a product is returned for any reason, such a return will only be accepted if the consumer has paid all the necessary transportation costs for the return of the product.

A declaration of the intention to return a product must be communicated in writing or electronically at [email protected] and our business is under an obligation to send an electronic confirmation of receipt of such a declaration when it receives it. The consumer must indicate in his/her declaration of the intention to return a product the manner in which the product will be returned to our business.

It is hereby made clear that the returned product must be in the same condition it was when it was shipped by our business. More specifically, returned products must not have been used, ironed, washed or have been subjected to any other cleaning process, while the tags which come with them, as well as the cases, boxes or any other packaging in which they have been put, will have to be in place, just like when you received them. Failure on your part to satisfy this obligation gives our business the right not to return your money.

In all of the above scenarios, the expenses of delivery/shipping (couriers and banking fees) are undertaken by the consumer who will also be responsible for any loss, damage or deterioration of returned products until they have been received by our business.

If you wish to cancel your order after completion of the electronic order and before the shipment of the product(s) please contact us at [email protected] and your order will be cancelled immediately.

In case you ask for an alteration in an order which has already been executed (that is, you have already received the email informing you of the shipment number of your order) you will be charged twice the shipping fees of your order. The same applies if your order is returned to our business due to your failure to collect it and you ask for it to be shipped again.

If for reasons of force majeure (e.g. bad weather condition, strikes etc.) it is not possible for us to deliver to you the products within the agreed timeframe you will be informed via email. Our business bears no responsibility for any situation which lies beyond our sphere of control but it will do its best to provide you with the best possible service.

Our business reserves the right to amend and renew the terms and conditions of our transactions. Our business also undertakes the obligation to update the present text with any amendment or addition to the terms and conditions.

The present terms and conditions are governed by Greek law and fall under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.